Purr-fect Pampering: Introducing our Bath Shower SPA Set for Sphynx and Naked Pets!

The Sphynx Kitten Spa Kit contains the minimum set of essential products that you will need to fully care for your pet. Kotomoda shampoo , foam generator , gloves and shower caps , all in branded packaging and assembled in a quality craft cardboard box . Might be a good gift 🙂

Indulge your feline friend or other hairless companions in the ultimate spa experience with our Bath Shower SPA Set. Tailored specifically for Sphynx cats and other naked pets, this luxurious kit includes a 120 ml shampoo with a built-in foam generator for a gentle and thorough cleanse. The set also features stylish shower caps neatly packed in a charming tin box, ensuring a spa day that’s both practical and delightful. Additionally, included bathing gloves provide a hands-on approach to grooming, making the bathing process a breeze for both you and your cherished pet. Elevate their bath time routine with this specially curated spa set, because every pet deserves a touch of glamour and care!